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We first met in 2003 on a Wednesday, a few days before beginning our sophomore year of college at Fordham University. We had both gone to the Westchester Mall to support our mutual friend who had a job interview. While waiting for the interview to terminate, we talked in the store and instantly clicked. We made arrangements to hang out with a few of our friends at Fordham that very same night. We all had such a great time that first night that it instantly became a Wednesday night ritual. Our group would get together many weekends, as well, and quickly became great friends. The two of us grew very close over the course of our sophomore year and eventually began dating in the beginning of our junior year. We officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on November 13, 2004.

For the first year and a half of our relationship Alex lived in the Bronx and dating was very easy; however, after Alex moved back home with his parents half-way through senior year, spending time together became more of a challenge. We worked hard at our relationship and amazed many people by the amount of time we were able to spend together while living so far apart. Over the next few years, we would virtually spend any free time we had together, alternating weekends between New York and New Jersey.

Some of our common interests include watching movies, reading, and going to the beach; however our real passions are traveling, eating, and drinking wine. We have been lucky enough to go on many long vacations together and have visited numerous cities in the United States, Caribbean, and Europe. We enjoy going out to dinner regularly and trying new restaurants and cuisines. We love spending time with our friends and families and try our best to attend all of the social gatherings to which we are invited.

After graduating college and working for two years, we both decided to pursue Master’s degrees. Once our degrees were obtained, we both returned to working full-time jobs. After less than a year back in the real-world, and nearly six and a half years of dating, Alex proposed to Kimberly on April 23, 2011.